Control Design

Control Design

Control Design & Operation Support

Distributed control systems are proposed for different energy production systems to maximize the integration among different energy production systems. Distributed control approach and decision support tool is proposed. Control systems are structured based on ISA-S88, while control recipe are systematically synthesized based on engineering formal language.

Control rules are automatically synthesized and validated using real time and simulation data, so that they are used to support operation in normal and abnormal situations.

Optimization techniques are used to optimize control parameters and settings, such as alarm, control limits, configuration settings, etc.

  • Structuring of process control systems and mapping to process design models (P&ID)
  • Reconstructing of control rules based on process control models / real time operation and provide operator with accurate rules to explain each control instructions
  • Integrating process control instructions and signals to ensure accurate control system operation and diagnosis
  • Control system optimization and parameter tuning for different operation scenarios.

Control Design

Automatic design and structuring of process control systems, with process control knowledgebase to support design, operation, and optimization of process distributed control systems. This includes alarm definitions and mapping to recovery control operation. Construction of control rules will replicate control system definitions and enable operator to understand control instructions in terms of valid rules for each operation scenario.

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