Energy Supply Chain

Risk-Based Energy Supply Chains

Modeling & Simulation for Energy Supply Chain

Provide data acquisition and analysis tools for energy supply and production chains in selected geographical areas. This includes quantitative and qualitative data analysis and mapping energy resources on GIS environment.

Implementation of optimization techniques using intelligent algorithms to maximize energy profits and minimize cost and losses in local and global areas.

  • Modeling and simulation of energy resources in different geographical areas
  • Planning of energy production chains based on historical data, current needs, and future demands
  • Plan and optimize energy supply strategies with accurate demand forecasting capabilities
  • Provide static and dynamic simulation and energy supply & production scenario synthesis and evaluation for a given geographical areas

Risk-Based Energy Supply Chains

Energy supply should match energy demand. With the availability of diversity of energy resources in interconnected geographical areas, it is important to model, plan, simulate, and optimize energy supply chains to maximize energy supply while minimizing associated risks and operational costs and losses.

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