Fault Diagnostic


Integrated Fault Diagnostic System

The proposed FDS solution provides fault detection, isolation, diagnosis, and fault model reconstruction based equipment, human, process, environment, and organizational system models.

Learning and reasoning techniques are used to further tune fault propagation models based on real time and historical data, as well as human experience.

The proposed fault diagnostic system is integrated with maintenance management to provide optimized maintenance tasks and plans. In addition, it is linked to operation support systems to provide accurate and timely understanding of process upsets and recommend suitable recovery actions.

  • Real time integration with DCS / PLC, control systems
  • Automated fault propagation analysis
  • Accurate identification of root causes and possible consequences
  • Accurate estimation of risk factors for all fault propagation scenarios
  • Analysis of multiple faults
  • Fault simulation and synchronization with process simulation and control environment


Automated real time fault diagnosis to support design, operation, and maintenance engineering activities. It analyzes root causes and identifies possible consequences based on risk assessment practices.

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