Maintenance Management

Risk-Based Maintenance

Risk-Based Maintenance Management

Maintenance is key factor in process industry. It contributes the major portion of operational cost. In order to optimize plant maintenance, it is important to analyze plant assets and identify criticality indexes and link with key performance indicators to be able to quickly identify degradation of maintenance activities and link with risk indexes. This will enable to achieve optimized maintenance without affecting process risks. This solution will enable process industry to develop effective maintenance / inspection management programs to meet corporate targets of minimum maintenance cost and the associated risks.

  • Estimate criticality of plant assets and equipment
  • Calculate remaining life of each component and equipment based on dependability and degradation analysis
  • Determine best maintenance strategy for each equipment / component
  • Optimize maintenance task parameters and scheduling
  • Reconstruction of fault quantitative / qualitative models with learning techniques to tune maintenance models based on going process monitoring data and maintenance data
  • Establish equipment, process, and site level maintenance performance index to identify potential opportunities to improve maintenance and process performance
  • Accumulate human experience along with process design knowledge to support maintenance planning and management activities.

Risk-Based Maintenance

Maintenance is the most costly portion of production facilities. It is important to optimize maintenance costs while maintaining asset availability and reliability. This is a difficult task where components are related and optimizing maintenance will affect system reliability.

This solution will provide accurate deterministic and probabilistic methods and automated tools to optimize and plan maintenance tasks for the underlying plant facility and equipment.

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