GPROSYS offers variety of technologies and solutions for process design and operation, which includes:

HMG: Home Micro Grid Solution

This advanced home solution is an Integrated Sustainable MG with Energy Storage Solutions for Homes with Battery and Solar Technology, which can provide energy savings and profits.

For more details, see our brochure.


SBEA – Smart Building Energy Automation 

This advanced building automation system will integrate battery units with utility grids and/or microgrid within a building to achieve highest performance and profit.


SFEGS – Smart Flywheel Energy Generator and Storage

The proposed flywheel technology is called Smart Flywheel Energy Generation and Storage (SFEGS), which provides reliable and high quality power generation and storage. SFEGS can be implemented in small and large scales, which can be designed to enhance energy utilization and efficiency in urban zones. In addition, it can be implemented in rural places that has shortage in energy generation and storage capabilities.


V2G Fast Charging Station (V2GFCS)

GPROSYS Corp., is pleased to implement advanced Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Fast Charging Stations (V2GFCS) using PV and battery. The proposed V2GFCS will provide high performance fast charging for EVs which can be installed in carports, buildings, malls, etc. V2GFCS will offer cost savings and guaranteed improved ROI to support clean transportation electrification.


LPDS: Laser-Powered Drone System

GPROSYS developing advanced solution to enable Drones to have indefinite travel time via continuous charging of PV panels attached to drones for continuous use in different applications such as inspection and maintenance missions in nuclear power plants, robot operations, maintenance tasks in process industry, and transportation infrastructures.


PAG – Plasma Generation Technology

GPROSYS develop, manufacture, and market advanced plasma generation technologies and their applications on waste-to-energy, chemical/petrochemical, manufacturing, military, and other industrial applications.


SDDC – Smart DC-DC Converter

GPROSYS offers high performance DC-DC converter that provides increased PV performance with up to 145%, while enabling integration with micro energy grids.


SDFACTS – Smart Distributed FACTS

GPROSYS offers SDFACTS to integrate renewable energy within AC/DC microgrids, while achieving up to 30% improved performance. The proposed SDFACTS will enable the integration with microgrids, and their applications on buildings, facilities, and transportation infrastructures.


Planning Support Tool for Regional Transportation Infrastructures with Sustainable Fuel Production and Supply Strategies (PSTF-Tool)

GPROSYS offers PSTF-Tool to enable utilities, government, transportation OEM, and end-users to plan and operate their transportation infrastructures and technologies to meet their current and future needs, while achieving a sustainable fuel production and supply strategies.

Fault Diagnostic

2Automated Fault Diagnostic System, for process industry. This provides real time fault diagnosis and root cause and risk-based consequence analysis. More Details



HSE Management

aComputer aided safety design, verification, and validation as integrated within HSE management for process industry. More Details



Control Design

Control DesignOptimized distributed control systems for process industry using hierarchical control chart (HCC) and intelligent control techniques. More Details


Real Time Process Simulation

Dynamic Simulation EnvironmentReal time process simulation for fault diagnosis and operation support. In addition, it supports process human training. More Details


Energy Supply Chain

Risk-Based Energy Supply ChainsPlanning and decision support for hybrid energy supply and production chain planning. This includes oil & gas, hydrogen, renewable energy supply chains. More Details


Maintenance Management

Risk-Based MaintenanceDecision support tool for maintenance optimization and planning based on real time risk and reliability analysis for asset integrity. More Details


Supply Chain Management

2Green supply chain management, sales and operation planning, operation management, and more. More Details