Currently, GPROSYS is involved in large scale projects with industrial organizations in different disciplines. The following are major projects that are undergoing in different locations:

Development of Large Microgrid with Smart Flywheel Energy Generation and Storage (SFEGS)

This project is aiming at the deployment of small or large scale smart flywheel generation and storage units, called SFEGS, with intelligent energy management system to provide adpative energy generation and storage capabilities in view of local demands and grid behavior.

Development of Plasma-Based Waste-to-Energy Facilities

This project involves the engineering design of plasma gasification for waste to energy conversion with multi-generation capabilities. The operation and control design ensures highest performance and energy gain with minimum GHG emissions.

Design and Operation of Micro Energy Grids

This project involves the planning, design, operation, and optimization of resilient interconnected micro energy grids, which is implemented in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, facilities, and transportation infrastructures. This includes the integration of renewable energy technologies using SDDC and SDFACTS.


Planning Support Tool for Regional Transportation Infrastructures with Sustainable Fuel Production and Supply Strategies (PSTF-Tool)

This project involves the development and implementation of PSTF tool for planning and operation of regional transportation infrastructures with sustainable fuel production and supply strategies. This will support the expansion of transportation infrastructures while adopting new transportation technologies.

Development of Real Time Risk Management System

Development of Real Time Risk Management SystemThis project involves development of advanced techniques and simulation tool to estimate real time risk for different operational scenarios for process industry, More Details

Risk-Based Energy Supply Management System

Risk-Based Energy Supply ChainsThis project enable industrial facilities to manage their day-to-day energy consumption and supply by monitoring and optimization of energy use. More Details

Distributed Control Design for Process Pipeline Network

Distributed Control Design for Process Pipeline NetworkThis project provides advanced solution for distributed control system for process pipeline networks. This involves the optimization of pipeline performance and minimize risks and operational costs. More Details

Process Safety Management System

Process Safety Management SystemThis project provides automated process safety management throughout life cycle. This includes shutdown system design, and SIL verifications. More Details


Automated Fault Diagnosis

Automated Fault DiagnosisThis project provides advanced solutions for automated fault diagnosis for process industry. This provides detailed analysis about process degradation and equipment failure. More Details