Real Time Process Simulation

Dynamic Simulation Environment

Real Time Dynamic Simulation

Utilize multi-level simulation where process dynamics, equipment, human, and environmental state variables are modeled and simulated in multidimensional simulation approach.

Process limits are verified and validated for different operational scenarios. Qualitative and quantitative simulation practices are conducted which helps in decision support for process design and plant operation. Deviations and fault scenarios are generated from simulation data, which supports hazard identification and risk assessment.

  • Quantitative / qualitative process simulation and structuring of simulation data for design and operation decision support
  • Synchronization of process operation and simulation environment with bidirectional communication
  • Control rule synthesis from simulation scenarios and data to support operational activities
  • Integrate control system logic with process simulation to provide accurate simulation practices based on process control mechanisms.

Dynamic Simulation Environment

Process industry are seeking advanced dynamic simulation that is synchronized with process control systems. Real time simulation will enable operators and process engineers to evaluate different operation scenarios before implementation.

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