Training Courses

GPROSYS conducted the following training courses and workshops in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, and Canada

Incident & Accident Investigation

This course will enable safety and operation personnel to report, analyze, and investigate accidents, near misses, and incidents in there organizations. Accidents root causes and consequences analysis techniques will be explained and practiced on real cases from oil & gas and petrochemical industry

Operation Troubleshooting

This training program will provide operation engineers and technicians with foundations of troubleshooting. Attendees will practice analytical methods as well as quantitative risk-based methods for troubleshooting with case studies and troubleshooting scenarios.

Maintenance and Integrity Management

This course will provide participants with basic understanding of integrity management methods, practices, and standards as applied on maintenance of oil & gas plants. Understand mechanical integrity and acquire skills to maintain plant facility ad equipment with reduced risks and costs. Provide participants with understanding and practical methods to apply risk management, risk assessment, safety review, and reliability checking and corrosion management.

SIL Certification

This course will enable safety engineers to practice safety instrumented systems (SIS) and how to conduct SIL certification. They will have hands on shutdown and relief systems, cause & effect diagrams and their use for process shutdown.

Process Safety Management

This training course will cover all aspects of process safety management based on HSE standards and process safety regulations and guidelines. This course will provide attendees with the all fundamentals and advanced techniques of process safety management, including risk management, and risk reduction.

Risk Management

This course will enable plant engineers to practice risk assessment methods including quantitative and qualitative approaches and apply on real case studies from real chemical and oil & gas plants.