GPROSYS is proud to offer the following list of advanced training and (GPROSYS) certification programs: (CLICK HERE)

Process Risk Management

1These advanced training courses will enable plant process engineers, technicians, and HSE officers to practice advanced methods to conduct hazard identification, quantitative risk assessment, and process risk management. More Details


Reliability & Maintenance Engineering

Risk-Based MaintenanceThese training courses will provide advanced reliability techniques to estimate reliability for complex systems. They will practice maintenance planning, management, and optimization based on risk and reliability analysis. More Details


Operation Support / Troubleshooting

3These training courses will provide foundations of process engineering, operation design, control tuning, troubleshooting, recovery operation tuning, optimization, and automation. More Details


Process Safety Engineering

3These advanced courses will enable process and design engineers to understand safety design methods, standards, practices, More Details


Green Building Certification (GBC)

5This course will provide essential insight to understand and evaluate ways to achieve green buildings. Participants will learn building modeling and simulation methods and practices to understand and evaluate different scenarios to achieve green buildings. More Details

Energy Conservation & Supply Management

6This course will enable participants to practice system design and modeling practices for energy conservation and supply management that can be applied on different disciplines. Participants will be able to acquire essential knowledge on energy / exergy calculations on heat, material, and power supply based on work / services required or performed. Practical scenarios will be examined for optimized energy demand and use. More Details