Drone-based Inspection System (DBIS)

Imagery: we will scan the building and provide different photos, thermal images, and
3D images of the inspected house, walls, windows, etc.

Virtual and interactive exterior navigation and viewing video and 3D reconstruction
of the property.

View the surroundings around the house including bus station, park, school,
shopping, hospitals, gas station, etc.

Properties measurements: measure the dimensions and area of the exteriors of
the house ( such as the roof, garden, swimming pool, etc) and provide a detailed
report with images and diagrams.

Initial inspection report of roofs, walls, and windows to detect damages, gaps,
leakage, missing parts, cracks, etc.

Automated annotation and labeling tool for expert assessment.

Example of Aerial Inspection

We ensure high-accuracy inspection by deploying high-tech techniques such as:
● Use a hybrid sensing technology based on light camera, thermal camera, LiDARs
● Artificial-based techniques to detect all tiny defects by processing all collected data