H2 Vibration Production Tech (H2VPro)

As demand grows, many countries seek clean energy sources to overcome challenges of climate change. Worldwide is moving toward hydrogen production towards clean and sustainable communities.
Hydrogen has unique properties, which in conjunction with electricity, make it an ideal energy carrier or fuel according to the following:

  • It can be produced from electricity and converted into electricity at relatively high efficiency.
  • Raw material for Hydrogen production is water, which is available in abundance.
  • It can be stored in gaseous, liquid, or metal hydrides.
  • It can be converted into other forms of energy.
  • Hydrogen as energy is environmentally compatible.

The proposed H2VPro or hydrogen production with vibration technology is able to support small, medium, and large-scale hydrogen production with higher efficiency. Hydrogen production via electrolysis with our innovative technology offers an excellent opportunity to increase efficiency up to 94% with less cost for the whole system than another. Moreover, our innovative technology can also be implemented in other systems to enhance and increase the hydrogen generation rate by at least 20%.