Smart Energy Solutions

Advanced energy solutions for energy and transportation infrastructures and more!

Micro Energy Grid

Advanced MEG Design, Operation Support for Scalable Energy Storage Solutions. (Industrial, Residential, Vehicular)

Hybrid Energy Storage

Advanced solutions of hybrid energy storage, including flywheel, battery, ultracapacitors, and other advanced energy storage technologies. Intelligent control and protection systems are deployed to integrate hybrid energy storage systems with micro energy grids and energy and transportation infrastructures.

Waste Heat Recover Systems

Advanced waste hear recovery solutions and technologies for number of applications, including transportation, industrial facilities, and remote communities.

Waste To Energy Using Plasma Technologies

Advanced and high performance plasma technologies to convert waste-to-energy. The solution can be deployed in small, medium, and large scale installations.

Drone Based Inspection

Drone Technologies used in Inspection of structural integrities, Property measurements, Automated annotations, and more!

H2 Vibration Production Tech (H2VPro)

As demand grows, many countries seek clean energy sources to overcome challenges of climate change. Worldwide is moving toward hydrogen production towards clean and sustainable communities.

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