Smart Energy Solutions


GPROSYS offers advanced energy solutions for energy and transportation infrastructures, industrial and commercial facilities, and urban and small communities. The solutions include the following systems and technologies:

  • HMG: Home Micro Grid is a novel solution that can ensure high ROI and higher energy efficiencies as well as reduced energy losses.
  • SBEA: Smart Building Energy Automation with Battery Management, which is an advanced energy management that integrates battery with smart controllers to ensure high performance energy systems, which provides higher performance of energy storage systems.
  • FESP: Flywheel Energy Storage Platform
  • FFCS: Flywheel-Based Fast Charging System
  • WFFCS: Wireless Flywheel-Based Fast Charging System
  • RIMG: Resilient Interconnected Micro Grids for Energy and Transportation Infrastructures
  • Regional Gas-Power Grid Planning, Modeling, Control, and Optimization
  • PSTF: Regional Transportation Infrastructure Planning Support Tool
  • SDDC: Smart DC-DC Converter
  • SDAC: Smart DC-AC Converter
  • SDFACTS: Smart Distributed FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems)
  • V2GFCS: V2G Charging Station with PV and Battery Systems, and EV Fast Charging Solar Carport Station (EVFCCS)